Capinvest 21 at Innoprom2018 exhibition

We visited the exhibition in Yekaterinburg and met there many partners.

On July 9-12, 2018, INNOPROM became the main trade fair for industrial technology, equipment, and services and confirmed its status of the main site for industrial leaders: 50,000 square meters of exhibition space were occupied with stands representing over 600 companies from 20 countries, including Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, RSA, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, and Switzerland. The following 8 countries presented their national stands: Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan and, for the first time, Hungary, Slovakia and Switzerland.
One of the partners

This year INNOPROM, its main theme being Digital Manufacturing, dramatically increased the share of professional visitors in spite of introducing paid admission in 2018. A total of 46,000 visitors were at the exhibition. Compared with 2017, the structure of the exhibition audience shifted to where the share of processional participant exceeded 76% of all visitors. Experts and participants who attended INNOPROM-2018 dubbed the event “the Russian Hannover.” 107 countries partook in INNOPROM-2018 as exhibitors, delegates, special guests, and corporate representatives.

The number of robotics and machine building prototypes presented at INNOPROM increased more than two-fold: 394 items in 2017 against 813 prototypes in 2018. The team of Capinvest 21 got acquainted with all exhibition samples. The most interesting thing for us was the drone, which use hydrogen elements.

Managing Partner, Andrey Orlov

The number of INNOPROM.METALWORKING exhibition and business program participants saw a 4.5-fold increase compared against 2017, when the event was held as a separate exhibition for the first time. INNOPROM-2018 accommodated the signing of more than 100 agreements, including a large number of contracts and transactions, e.g. RCC signed an agreement on the launch of an autoclave line for the production of cathode copper (project investment estimated at RUB 45 bn); 17 agreements on cooperation with clients and partners of the Ural Bank of Sberbank; memorandum on the organization and participation in the partner format in the Global Industrial and Technical Exhibition and Big Industrial Week ARABIA-2019 Forum (signed at the stand of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia); and international agreements with Chinese and Korean manufacturers and officials.

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