FinShi Capital venture fund from Capinvest 21

FinShi Capital venture fund launches pre-ICO in June. It is the first fund formed of cryptocurrency and founded by professional venture investors.

We were receiving a lot of requests for funding from startups who use blockchain or cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do that from a classic venture fund due to the legal restrictions. So we decided to form FinShi Capital, which now solves both of these problems. – says the fund’s partner Vyacheslav Sorokin.

This fund was founded by venture company Capinvest 21 together with a group of investors Asia LP. It is the third Capinvest 21’s fund and is going to work with blockchain and financial technologies projects. 

Preliminary Initial Coin Offering (pre-ICO), in other words preliminary tokens sale, starts in June, 2017. In the first days of sale you can buy tokens with considerable discount. Several institutional investors and the main Capinvest 21’s fund have already signed for pre-ICO. You can purchase tokens with the most of the popular cryptocurrencies. 

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