wish list

We invest to get profits. We put our money into company’s authorized capital in order to finance its development
  1. Company’s market capacity. Target market of the business is big enough for significant growth of the company in the future.
  2. Business model that leads to profits. Stable profit rates of the company during the previous period and grounding of potential profits growth in the next period. Existing client base with loyal and active customers, who are satisfied with the company’s goods and services.
  3. An entrepreneur. The entrepreneur who is the founder and mastermind of the business, who has substantial experience of acting in a certain sphere, who, regardless scarce funds, managed to put together a strong team of specialists.
  4. Motivated and ambitious founders, who are ready to work hard for their company’s success.
  5. Simple investment program with estimated Return on Investment (ROI), which is aimed at strengthening company’s competitiveness. Detailed explanation of this program should take no more than 10 minutes.

Even if you don’t match anything of the above, but you still have a great business idea or an already running business in need of funding, please, do call us.

venture investments

We will attract investments for your project, put our own funds in it, share resources and provide your startup with strategical consulting. Your project needs to be from one of the spheres we prefer to invest in and, of course, it should be promising.

Call us so we can discuss our potential partnership, and then together start working on your idea. We can help you to get through all of the difficulties and lead your company to a stable brisk growth.

You can quickly find investments with the help of Capinvest 21 VC fund.

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